Frequently Asked Questions

What is Field Service Management Software

Field service management software, or FSM software, is software designed to help you manage most, if not all, of what your service business does. FSM software makes a lot of your daily tasks easier to manage and puts them in one place.

How can field service management software help my business?

FSM software eliminates uncertainty and confusion in running your business. Instead of the costly headache of keeping up with multiple employees by whiteboard or Excel spreadsheet, FSM software makes scheduling and tracking easy and intuitive. It can also make your business more agile. With field service management software that has a native mobile app, your workers can receive assignments in the field, rather than having to return to a central location.

I Want to Know More About Some of the Newer Fieldpoint Features

Reach out to your implementation consultant or contact the sales department at [email protected]. You can also visit our website to learn about our full feature functions.

Which Systems does Fieldpoint Have Out of the Box Integrations With?

Fieldpoint has an out of the box integration with Quickbooks, NetSuite, Dynamics GP, Workmarket, Avatax and many more. With our open API, we can build an integration to almost any system.

How Can Fieldpoint Help Me Manage My Mobile Workforce and Subcontactors  Better?

You can gather and submit service data from the field in near real time and make real-time decisions about your mobile operations. You can empower your subcontractors with the same tools as your in house technicians have. 

How Can I Download the Fieldpoint Mobile App?


If you are an android user you can go to the google play store and search for Fieldpoint Mobile, and you hit install.


Go to the App store, search for Fieldpoint Mobile and hit install.

Is the Fieldpoint Mobile App Easy to Deploy onto My Remote Teams’ Devices?

The Fieldpoint application is very easy to deploy, since all you have to do is download the application from one of the different stores depending on what mobile device you have.

How Do I Access Support?

You can email the support team at [email protected] or call 1-899-336-5282

On Premise Deployment

Client would be responsible for maintaining security and data themselves.

Data Protection and Privacy – Fieldpoint Cloud

We Keep Your Data Private – No individual without an authenticated user id and password can or will view your data. Please refer to the Fieldpoint Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use Agreement.

We Take Advanced Security Measures – Advanced Secure Socket Layering and reinforced Firewall’s protect the integrity and security of both you and your client’s data.

We Back Up All Your Data – All data is within the Fieldpoint Database is backed-up daily and multiple copies of these backups are stored forextra protection against an unlikely event of a failure.

You Can Receive All Data at Any Time – You can receive a complimentary download of all your data upon a request

Which Are the Devices and Platforms that Fieldpoint Supports?

Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows phone and Windows tablet.

What Are the Devices and Platforms that Fieldpoint Supports?


On windows IE 11 and chrome, on IoS, safari.


We support Android and IoS.

Can Fieldpoint Be Customized?

Fieldpoint can be customized to meet needs in your business.Sometimes you must incur extra costs when making significant changes in documentation, your workflow, or hardware. Therefore, you must ask your implementation consultant how the application can be personalized to suit your operations. Additionally, inquire if the workflows can be customized, the labels and languages, and if customers can view your brand identity on emails and invoices.

What Training and Support Will you Receive?

You will require some level of training. There will be training provided in your implementation time and optional onsite training depending on the package that you have.  You need to inquire from your consultant the kind of support they offer. You will have access to online training, and/or live demonstrations (all subject to your package.) You will be told where the customer support is located as well as their customer care contacts. The support should be available throughout to answer questions and help whenever you need help with a 24-hour business day turnaround.